Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? It would be helpful if you could show me how to check if everything is configured fine Kran 39 1 3. I did this manually, because a maven clean wasn’t doing it apparently. Please Make sure that settings. Also, keep in mind this question is 10 months old.

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The issues is same reason. For me I just added the bellow xml code in the POM. If your project consist of some external or project specificdependency in it then you have to manually add it to your M2 repo folder which is located at C: Above Error occured due to removing of ‘maven-compiler-plugin 2.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Use the Maven online repository search tool to make sure parwer are referencing the libraries correctly in your pom.


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Under Eclipse Luna 4. Anothdr Morelos 2 18 Also found that if you have incorrect references syntax or version number to libraries, they will not download. Find repository in https: Maybe it’s obvious, but I’d just like to add: None of the other answers listed fixed my problem. Try using -X or –debug in order to get the debug output, this could provide additional information about the problem.

Jorge Santos Neill 75 2. For each project that has a pom with the “resolution will not be reattempted Give an example of what to add to settings. Here my solution Fisrt ways: Copy the dependency to pom.

FATAL ERROR xpp3 jar… plz help.. its urgent

This worked for windows. I see the problem is on proxy and firewall.

It would be helpful if magen could show me how to check if everything is configured fine I did not look through cache. Thanks a lot man!

Click Ok and the dependencies finally resolved correctly. Make sure presenf.specify use mvn clean install -U to resolve the problem. I had a similar issue with only a few projects in my workspace. It happened to me as Iam behind a firewall. Other projects with nearly identical POMs didn’t have an error at all.


XPP3 Pull Parser Library not Present – Atlassian Documentation

Ievgen 2, 5 21 Give correct maven setting. Pravat Panda 2 9 I am trying to set up a project using Maven m2eclipsebut I get this error in Eclipse: R Tiwari 7.

Could not calculate build plan: XML file in the folder. Windows will look through all subfolders for these files in the directory. If you are behind a proxy, you have to update the settings.