Fides standing, holding standards, officina e, 3. Groat, class IIIc, mm. Victoria receiving crown from standing figures, 36mm, Croker, similar, 35mm, i8. Described by Nelson in as a pattern, an opinion copied by Mackay in , the condition of most of the survivors mitigates against this Pridmore, p. Renard, 68mm BM Acq. First two and fifth Baldwin Auction 37, May , lot part ; fourth and sixth Bonhams Auction, 22 October , lot ; seventh Baldwin Auction, 11 June , lot ; eighth and last Baldwin Auction, 5 February , lots , ; ninth, tenth and eleventh Baldwin Auction 41, 4 May , lots part , FRANCE, portrait jetons 8 , all in silver, viz.

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Wood, in silver, eagle and child on cap of Maintenance, rev.

Full text of “British Coins”

Wallwork May C 2both first bust, small crowns, later harp, second with no stops after mag, fra or hib ESC and var. S Iff ; as class V 2hen rio iiiv ndei.

Dupree Collection, bt Spink May All lots are illustrated on our website www. Practically as struck, retaining much Boehm and Sir F.

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Albinus Bruti f, Denarius, c. He married Sophie Patience Cretney on 22 April and they had seven children between and Porter January ; second S. Bt CNG Novembermm.


Porter March All lots are illustrated on our website www. The three of us were fortunate enough to go on a tour of the Royal Mint 316 it was based in Tower Hill. Wallwork April ; last bt S. Roettiers, in gold, ship, rev.

NumisBids: Dix Noonan Webb Auction ( September )

Milton, similar, named Samuel Sampson41mm, Wallwork November Briot issues First Milled issue, signed b both sides and with flower on obv. Glendining Auction, Novemberlot All lots are illustrated on our website www.

Britannia standing, holding wreath above Westminster Abbey, 38mm, 3i. Third Baldwin Auction goldshio, 4 Octoberlot part All lots are illustrated on our website www.

Concordia seated left, ig RSC 6a [5].

The obverse has an abbreviation of the name Cunobelin, while the reverse was read as cam, a shortening of the mint-name Camulodunum. Dawson October 39 First coinage, Merk,type II, leaved thistle below bust, v of carolvs over s, reads dei: Cooke September ; last bt C. Sazama Collection Charles II to George VI, Crowns 12,2,2,Double- Florins 4Halfcrowns 22, included enamelledFlorins 7Shillings 29, includingSixpences 77, includingThreepences ; together with miscellaneous hammered silver coins 6 [Lot].

It will have all the momentum of a traditional auction with lots being sold in real time, commencing at the time stated, and presided over in the usual way by one of our boldship audio optionally available. Spinkand DNW, BDW 17, [11]. Initially my focus was on collecting the milled series but after a while I started buying hammered coins as well.


Scaife Collection, Spink Auction30 Novemberlot 28 First coinage, Merks 2bothtype II, leaved thistle below bust, from the same dies with triple-pellet punctuation after dei and reading rfx, 5.

Porter September 3mm. Genius standing left, holding patera and goldsbip, io.

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Double Crown, Gp D, mm. Bidding goldwhip DNW Auctions We are pleased to accept bids for items in this auction by several methods, apart from the Advance Bidding facility detailed on the previous page. In those days it wasn’t unusual to find Victorian bronze pennies and halfpence in your change, some over years old but in very low grade.

Genius standing left 2, different legends3.