Specifically, control of the digital interface subsystem is provided by configuration manager In such a system, it is essential that the system correctly identify the called individual to avoid unnecessary expenditure of live operators. However, additional ports per card may be utilized in accordance with the objectives of the present invention. The scanned data would then be compared to the information maintained in the storage database. The drawings are not intended to limit the scope of this invention, which is set forth with particularity in the claims as appended or as subsequently amended, but merely to clarify and exemplify the invention. Once the originating call is processed and approved, CPC will either connect the call to its associated network trunk lines to outpulse the call or otherwise be released from the call so that the call can be connected by SIS to an alternate CPC for outpulsing the call. Together they support data communications in the telephone call management system.

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In order to alleviate some of the problems and concerns discussed herein, many penal institutions have implemented certain task-specific advanced systems. In the preferred embodiment, the TSI switch acts as a traffic coordinator to buffer and gate the digital data from each ethernwt.

Such data may be acquired from users either from prior supplication to biometric systems or from the acquisition of the data from the user upon the creation of a telephone account for use with the system. Extra dialed digits field indicates the number of digits a user may enter after a telephone call has been connected. In this ethermet, all parameters except the line number can be changed etherner staff cardd intervention.

D’Urso also fails to teach any call monitoring means and would therefore be unacceptable as a communication system for a penal institution. Facility default maintenance screen additionally includes user default block Voice path connections are switched and controlled by CSC A communication system must also provide a monitoring means for maintaining a useful record of the communication.


The onboard RAM supports real time database access and is battery-backed for data integrity.

Network interface controller

It has also been documented that inmates have used previous penal institution call systems to perpetrate additional criminal activities such as fraudulent schemes or specific criminal conspiracies. Since many different networking standards exist, it is best to match the specifications of a NIC to the standard of network. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If the additional sound cannot be explained through further analysis, the system may cwrd the call. In addition, trunk lines may be analog, digital, or any other type of trunk lines not yet contemplated.

What is NIC (Network Interface Card)?

If the account number is valid and found in the database, the system completes the predetermined telephonic connection. This will cause an alert in the inmate’s profile for future monitoring. Telephone number block contains the default settings used for all telephone numbers in class of service field Alternatively, the system may allow the user to press a pre-determined number of keys after a connection has been made. Together they support data communications in the telephone call management system.

When using the institution call system of the present invention, it replaces the need to use special channel bank type equipment.

The first unit receives voice characteristic information by recording specific words spoken by the user. When a user attempts to access the telephone system 231cmo a later time, the user may hear a series of voice prompts directing the user to first supply a PIN and then supply the same form of biometric information that is stored in the database.


Therefore, it is imperative for many institutions to utilize a communication system that provides an accurate identification means for administrators to determine the individual responsible for each outbound telephone call. Approved numbers are connected even if they are not on the user’s personal list. Biometric information includes fingerprints, hand geometry, voiceprints, retinal patterns, iris scans, signatures, infrared facial patterns, and all other sources which constitute unique physiological characteristics and which can assist in establishing a person’s identity.

Kamil also fails to teach an advanced verification means specific to a user.

The commissary system is designed for use without access to a PSTN. Digital subsystem controller card is a full size card. This may be performed through voice authentication of the called party, the inmate, or both sides of the conversation each time a user places a call e. Block field is selected if a telephone number is not allowed on the user’s personal list.

Battery-backed SRAM supports real time and configuration data requirements. Other known systems in the art may exhibit other regulatory features.

>>>>>> ETHERNET DRIVERS <<<<<<

For example, individuals who commonly forget their PIN may write it down, increasing the possibility that an unauthorized individual will rthernet the PIN and use it. Allow field indicates if added telephone numbers are to be allowed by default.

Ground start relay circuitunder control of CPC processorprovides the ground start feature.